Healthy Lunch Idea #2 Avocado and Eggs

Add crispy, oven-baked Parma ham for a crispy, crunchy side...
Add crispy, oven-baked Parma ham for a crispy, crunchy side…

I’ve read a lot about the many health benefits of eggs and avocado and had, to my surprise, seen them combined together in recipes and dishes. Eh? Surely the texture of both together would be slimy, wet and somewhat lacking in a crisp crunch from somewhere? I decided to combine the healthy, nutritious elements from both in my more healthy way and added wholegrain toast and oven-baked Parma ham for that much needed crispy element.

Avocados have long been lauded as the holy grail of nutritious choices – good fats to help rid your body of cholesterol, potassium and a range of B vitamins, as well as contributing well to your daily dose of fibre with a protein kick to boot. I have to say it was a long time before I was a fan. I couldn’t stand the slimy, creamy texture and despite several attempts, I eventually relegated them to the bottom of my loves list. The thing that turned it around? Guacamole. Guacamole smothered on salty tortilla chips, guacamole stuffed into chicken fajitas and guacamole on its own with a teaspoon. Then I branched out. I found a recipe for pan-fried, parmesan-crusted chicken breast, which came with a salad of avocado, cherry tomatoes and red onions with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I don’t even particularly enjoy raw red onion but thinly sliced in this salad…yum. It transformed me from someone who desperately wanted to love avocados and the multiple health benefits from eating one – who doesn’t want beautiful, glowing skin? – to someone who could actually enjoy them.

Back to today’s recipe: the combination of crisp grilled toast, soft ripe avocado and boiled eggs with a just soft centre was deliciously offset with a salty kick from the Parma ham. It would be a perfect breakfast for the weekend and I would have liked to have added some oven roasted, or grilled, vine tomatoes but a trip to the dentist had resulted in needing a quick-fix lunch.

Give it a try, here’s the recipe:

2 slices wholemeal bread

1 ripe avocado

1 egg

2 slices Parma ham

chilli flakes and pepper to season

Preheat your oven to a high heat.Place a pan of water on the stove to boil and when at a gentle, rolling boil drop in your egg and boil for 6 minutes (if you want a just soft centre, less time if you want a runny yolk). Whilst this is boiling, pop your Parma ham in the oven on a baking tray (it only takes about 5minutes to crisp up), get the toast on and slice your avocado. When the egg is ready, peel the shell. To assemble, place your avocado slices on the toast (ok, ok, I used a thin spread of butter too but with hindsight could probably omit this!) and chop the egg into four and place on top. Put your crisped up Parma on the side and sprinkle with chilli flakes and pepper. No salt required on account of the ham. Enjoy!

Let me know if you make this recipe and whether you make any changes.