Healthy Dinner Idea #6 Aubergine Pizza

Aubergine pizza bases...yum!
Aubergine pizza bases…yum!

There has been a big gap in posts since I first started my blog, however I just had to share these. Before we begin, I need to share my obsession with aubergine. I love aubergine grilled with a little seasoning and olive oil and am managing to find a way to eat it with every dinner. I almost have a breakdown when it isn’t in my local supermarket – and that is quite frequently! Also, on a Tuesday, I have to fend for myself food wise and need something quick, easy and satisfying to eat after an exercise class.

I am also currently on a low(er) carb push at the minute and am aiming for 150g a day. My Fitness Pal is really helpful for this and I have found that I’m making much more healthy food choices. I can’t completely cut a food group out though and even though I’m not shovelling down white pasta at the minute – though if I wanted to, I wouldn’t deny myself – I’m certainly making a few food swaps. I’m no longer having couscous or bulgar wheat at lunch time and am upping the amount of protein I eat as a result. We’ll see how it goes. I certainly feel healthy at the moment and am the only member of the department left who hasn’t had some kind of sickness.

I digress. So, tonight’s dinner had to be an easy one. I simply cut an aubergine into four lengthways and topped with sundried tomato paste and other goodies before baking in the oven on a medium-high temperature for 25 minutes. The aubergine held its shape well and made a perfectly good pizza base. I decided tonight to go with mozzarella, red onion, garlic and chilli flakes.

Aubergine is full of fibre and a good source of B vitamins, which are perfect for me at the moment to help fight the barrage of illnesses at work. The manganese will also be perfect in my quest to have nice hair and skin when I’m a bride in about 11 weeks time. I added to this veggie base with a nice hit of protein from the mozzarella and some red onion for a bit of crunch. I finished with garlic and dried crushed chilli flakes. A feta and olive rocket salad made the perfect accompaniment.


You will need – for two people:

1 aubergine, sliced in 4 lengthways

4 tsp of sundried tomato paste

1 garlic clove

1/4 red onion

1 ball mozzarella (about 125g)

sprinkle of chilli flakes

Assemble the aubergine pizzas and place in a pre-heated, medium hot oven for 25 minutes until the aubergine is soft and the cheese is melted and delicious.

Healthy Dinner Idea #3 Salady Bits

A smorgasbord of delicious and healthy(isn) treats...
A smorgasbord of delicious and healthy(isn) treats…

I feel like a fraud writing the words ‘healthy dinner’ today, so I’m just going to be honest. I have eaten a lot of Easter egg in the past few days. Perhaps not as much as I used to (as a kid, I remember getting something like 11 chocolate eggs and eating most of them before going back to school), however, perhaps a little more than I should. Chocolate just tastes so good with a cup of tea. I’m also desperately trying to claw my way through series 1-4 of Game of Thrones before going back to work next week and it is so easy to just keep dipping your hand into those foil-wrapped fragments of chocolate whilst absorbed in the happenings in Westeros. Watching all 40 or so hours might be a slightly tall order, if I’m to enjoy any of this spring sunshine. And have a life. To assuage some of the guilt, I’m going to an exercise class in an hour so when I’m practically on my hands and knees crawling back down my street, I can tell myself that I earned my Easter eggs. Oh, and I did a 2.4 mile jog on Tuesday and a 4.6 mile walk. So there.

One of my favourite summer dinners, is when we have what are affectionately known in our house as “picky bits”, this is usually assisted by having a wonderful delicatessan and bakery in the village, which sells olives, Parma ham, cheeses and this oil-soaked deliciousness called olive bread. You basically just assemble lots of different flavours and textures on your plate and dig in. Not everything on my plate was totally healthy – I could have just eaten a bag of rocket and called it a day. But this blog is all about the more healthy, not the I’m never going to enjoy my food again. 

My plate started with two slices of Parma ham – from the bakery and therefore cheaper and better quality than supermarket-bought and some grilled halloumi cheese with a chilli and garlic dressing. I just love halloumi cheese with its squeaky texture. Then, I made a sweetcorn salsa with sweetcorn, tomatoes, spring onions, chilli, coriander, lime juice and olive oil and placed this next to a simple rocket and sun-dried tomato salad. I plonked a few sweet potato wedges that were roasted in olive oil with a dusting of cinnamon in a bowl in the middle and the final touch was some homemade coleslaw.

Whilst not everything on the plate fulfilled the tick sheet for a completely healthy dinner, I had only had a bowl of broccoli and spinach soup for lunch so felt this was a good way to balance my day without being too ‘naughty’.

Still to come are sweet potato brownies and I’m going to have a crack at some butternut squash gnocchi…as in, make the gnocchi from the squash instead of potato. Fingers crossed!


Healthy Lunch Idea #3 Butternut Squash and Feta Salad

Pumpkin seeds add delicious crunch...
Pumpkin seeds add delicious crunch…

I have to admit, I’ve been making a bit of an effort this week where lunch is concerned. Ok. Not a bit: a lot. It has been time-consuming and has created extra washing up both in terms of the utensils and pots to prepare the food and the plastic tubs that need washing at the end of every day. Has it been worth it? Yes. I certainly feel like I can wear my food halo with pride and relish my inner smugness at avoiding the carb overload that is the canteen.

I have found that preparing enough food for a few days is the way forward with this one. Nobody wants to be faced with extra washing up every night. Having a salad ready-to-go in the fridge the night before means that mornings are freed up and there is no excuse to buy unhealthy convenience foods en route to work. Or try to survive a day on flapjacks, cookies, cakes, crisps etc. I have also discovered that the must-buy to healthy eating at work is a lunchbox. Allow me to indulge in a little nostalgia here. I had a Ninja Turtles lunchbox when I was at primary school and it was cool – I even liked it when the picture on the front went a little crinkly and started to peel off with too much vigorous washing. Anyway. You also need some of those mini gel packs that you can pop in the freezer to keep your food cool and I recommend a tiny plastic pot or jar to keep your dressing separate until you eat. Nobody in their right mind likes soggy salad leaves.

Whilst admittedly still in its infancy, my new-found love of portable healthy lunches has kicked off to a good start and I have decided to share one of my ideas here for all of those people looking for ways to boost their daily vitamin and mineral intake, as well as trying to attain the holy grail of healthy eating: the five-a-day. It is essentially a collection of salady things: rocket, roasted vegetables, feta, tomatoes and cucumber with a sprinkling of olives, tossed over a bed of bulgur wheat and drizzled with a homemade tangy dressing. I’m fairly new to bulgur wheat and was intrigued by its promise of being high in fibre and protein, as well as packing a punch nutritionally with iron and B vitamins, along with vitamin E. It also tastes great along with the other items in this dish.

To prepare this salad, roast chunks of butternut squash in the oven for about 45 minutes, until golden and cooked through. You can add any flavourings here, like chilli flakes, thyme, salt and pepper etc. Simmer some bulgar wheat until cooked according to the instructions on the packet. Then layer up your salad with some iron-boosting rocket, some lycopene-loving tomatoes and cool slices of cucumber with a sprinkling of olives. Last but not least, a healthy crumble of feta cheese over the top – but not too much! Prepare a lemony dressing in a small pot of jar with olive oil, lemon juice and a blob of honey, which can be shaken and poured over the salad before eating.

When eating: sit back, relax and be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your body a favour and providing it with the fuel it needs to get through a busy afternoon. It also becomes easier to resist the biscuit tin in the afternoon if you are making an effort with lunch!