Healthy Dinner #4 Sushi

Raw tuna...
Raw tuna…

On Friday night, I broke through the 3 mile barrier for a run…ok, I’ll stop exaggerating, it was more like a leisurely jog but hey I made it round the circuit. I was hot, sweaty and pink when I collapsed through the door and remembered reading about having lots of protein after exercise to help rebuild your muscles. The usual Friday night takeaway wasn’t going to cut it, so I made a Korean style beef salad with rice and an egg. Steak and egg. How much more protein could a girl get? Anyway, it was either the protein, the stretching or the hot bath – or maybe a combination of all three – but I didn’t have any muscular pain the next day. Until I went to a yoga workshop and hurt my knee. Who would have thought it; out of a three mile run and a yoga workshop you would place your bets on the run doing the damage. My running career flashed before my eyes, dreams of the Lincoln 10k crumbled into nothing…until I woke up this morning and it’s fine. Well as long as I don’t do any squats today or put a significant amount of weight on it.

The problem with pushing myself to run further than I have run before was that, suddenly, treats like chocolate became available at a guilt-free price. Sort of. I still have Easter egg to finish for heaven’s sake. I’m all about striking the balance though so to make up for a chocolate laden afternoon, we made sushi for dinner. Well, my other half did. I helped with the accompaniments. We had avocado with chilli flakes on the side and a pot of warm marinated mushrooms and mange tout with sesame oil, garlic, red wine vinegar and soy sauce. My favourite side though was the pickled cucumber – divine! You just shred cucumber into long strips with a vegetable peeler and smother with sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, chilli and lime juice. I could eat it all day.

The sushi was topped with raw tuna and I must say, I balked at this at first. I like tuna..I even like tuna steaks cooked ‘rare’ but no cooking at all? I pleaded with the other half to slice it as thinly as possible and covered my first bite with pickled ginger and soy sauce but was pleasantly surprised with the texture and taste of the fish. By the time I’d finished my second piece, I was actually enjoying it. I left the prawns to him though. If you haven’t already, I recommend having a go at making sushi…if Samantha in SATC can do it, anyone can do it!

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